Hot Wheels for Hot Wheels

Well, after bringing it up in the “Powerwheels Racers for Adults” Facebook group about my inability to find affordable wheels, I found a really nice sale on some slick wheels at BMI Karts (along with a bunch of few other things). Thank you, gods who preside over small cars and their engineers. I was also having a lot of trouble finding a Power Wheel and a cheap mobility scooter to salvage parts from and, as soon as I put out a notice on Facebook, I found a good pair of deals on Craigslist for exactly a Power Wheel and mobility scooter. From this experience I can only conclude that the correct way to find parts is to complain on social media, then rake in the deals.

Expanding on my Power Wheel find, it’s a sweet Benz. I even have a great idea to implement a toaster (as is the Eric signature) on the hood kind of like the blower on a hot rod or a hood scoop. No, it’s not really in the spirit of high-performance, luxury, German engineering to put hot rod blowers or anything that resembles one on the hood of a Mercedes Benz 300SL, but we’ll see how it goes. I might just leave it as is and slap a toaster decal on the hood and sides.