Small PRS Car: The Search for Wheels

Good wheels are really expensive. I mean, they probably aren’t to those who are better versed in go-karts and other small vehicles, but I’m cheap. My novice showed when I was oh-so-ready to put my faith in the good ol’ Harbor Freight Special. I posted some questions on the PPPRS (not really sure what the two extra P’s are for) Facebook group and got some advice from team WaffleKart, seconded by the MIT brigade, to upgrade the Harbor Freights with better tires and bit of welding. I’ll keep trolling Craigslist, but as of right now I’m going to go with WaffleKart’s aptly described Franken-wheel method.

I’ve developed quite the bill of materials now, and instead of posting a new version every week, I’ll just put the Google Sheets link right here for those interested and talk about any changes or additions in my updates. Same goes for the constraints and criteria. Right now the BOM is just basic materials and components that make the car go. Also there’s some sensors for A+PRS.

Blog posts are super boring without pictures, so here’s a Scion xB that’s dressed up like a toaster. If my head, torso and arms didn’t have to stick out of the roof of my small car, I would definitely pursue something like this.

Someday these PRS posts will be about tangible progress instead of lots of brainstorming.