Car Body Progress and Some Other Stuff

Last I updated about the car body it was in four separate pieces and sitting on my floor. Now it is more or less one piece, held together by cardboard, duck tape, and lots and lots of Bondo putty.

Making everything nice and pretty has taken much longer than I had hoped. I severely underestimated the amount of putty-ing and sanding and re-putty-ing and re-sanding that’s required so the process has been going on for quite a while. The detailing power sander has become pretty much my best friend along with second best friend belt sander. It’s super satisfying to just hold a power tool against a rough patch of Bondo and watch it turn smooth with a puff of what I assume to be carcinogen-rich smoke.

Between waiting for the putty to dry and getting fed up with the ungodly amount of time this thing is sucking from my life, I made a cool racing team name and a logo to plaster on the hood of the car. Of course it’s toast-centric. The rest of the time I’m spendingĀ on homework, school projects, and configuring the PIC microcontrollers I’m going to use for all the power management, drive control, and other electronic stuff so progress is definitely slowing. To keep things moving along somewhat steadily while I’m focusing on classes, I’ve been ordering quite a few parts online including a motor, controller, sprockets, chain, electronic components, brakes, and other stuff.

Hopefully next update I’ll have some super cool pictures of the fiberglass mold-making process and possibly even a full on fiberglass shell.