Body + Electronics Update

Squeezing in a little bit of progress here and there is all I’ve had time to do between Capstone, homework, and work which means, unfortunately, that not a lot has gotten done. Nevertheless, here is what has happened:

So this is the current state of the body. I finished up the Bondo-ing I gave it a coat of gel coat and a single layer of fiberglass. This is the first time I’ve ever fiberglassed something and I must say it is the most frustrating thing I’ve ever done. The issue may be that I don’t have the right tools or something, but fiberglassing is just an awful experience. The resin is syrup-y and sticks to anything and everything, that is until you put the fiberglass down in it in which case the resin lets the fiberglass glide across and fold up on itself. The non-stick coating I applied before the gel coat also did not do much non-sticking because pulling the body out of the new mold took forever and ended with me ripping up the plastic and shattering all the bondo to get it done. The product is actually fairly satisfying save for a single place on the “headlight” where the fiberglass seemed to bubble up and the gel coat didn’t get a good stick. I’m expecting to do a lot of sanding and filling in of holes at the very end of this and I’m totally fine with that. I just want the stupid thing to get done. I’m dreading the second fiberglassing of the cast because I won’t be able to break it away like I did for the body, but I will cross that bridge when I come to it.

As I think I mentioned before (but am too lazy to go back and check if I did), I ordered some of the major electronic components online a while ago and finally got to testing them. In this gallery is a 6.5A 36V power supply, a Turnigy Sentilon 100A ESC, a Turnigy Aquastar T20 brushless DC motor, an Arduino Micro, and various connectors and hardware. This was just a quick test to see how the ESC worked with the Arduino. There was some disagreement at the high and low end of the Arduino’s PWM output but overall, it worked.

Quick overall project recap: body almost there, electrical system looking good, frame design constantly changing, drive transmission in progress, batteries still up in the air.

End transmission.