Drive Assembly Progress

And thus the drive assembly is almost done!

I had some pieces cut out of 5/8″ aluminum for spacing and support of the motor. As you can see in the gallery, there is a nice little groove cut around the perimeter of the round spacer piece about a millimeter deep. This puppy took about 4 hours and a file to get just right so it would fit nice and snug in the transaxle. Yes, it would have been infinitely faster and easier if I had a lathe, but I don’t, so it was grueling and took forever.

The motor just screws in nicely to the support arm. There’s a 9-tooth sprocket for #25 chain held in place on the D-shaft by some 3D printed spacers and a lock nut. The lock nut stays there because I threaded the hardened steel shaft just enough to keep the nut there. That was another process that took a very long time, mostly because I don’t think you’re supposed to be able to thread hardened steel shafts. That’s why the rotor is out of the motor in the gallery.

The body is still in the works, but its progress took a leap when I decided to just sand down the mold as use it instead of trying to pull apart the cast from the mold. I’ll outline that a bit more when its complete and I do a rundown on the process.