Finished Drive (pretty much) and Beginning of Frame

Tadaaa! Except the sprocket isn’t attached to the driveshaft and I haven’t done any testing.

I’m planning on just welding the sprocket to the driveshaft because I don’t have the resources to use keys. You can see the driveshaft has a little groove for a retaining ring to keep it between the motor mounting plate and snugly inserted in the transaxle, I’m pretty happy with how well it all fits together. I designed the shaft to pretty much replace the scooter motor shaft and I happened to know someone who was able to machine it by hand perfectly, which was very fortunate for me. The chain is super loose on the sprockets so I 3D printed a tensioner that I’m hoping will stand up to the wear. If it doesn’t work out, it was super cheap to make anyways and I can always design a better tensioner.

This is the super simple frame that is designed around the U-shaped bracket that came with the transaxle. I made the jig out of wood that was stored in the rafters of the house my parents recently bought because free wood. Before I ended up renting a chop saw to cut the square tube I tried using an angle grinder with a cutting wheel, but that didn’t work out as all my cuts were jagged. Lesson learned. The next step is to do some welding, which I may have to outsource because it’s impossible to rent MIG welders for some reason (I recently found out it’s because renting out the gas would be a liability).

BONUS! RGB headlights! They’re really bright if you just stare into them (pretty obviously) but probably not bright enough to be effective as actual headlights. Their purpose is just to look cool anyways so I don’t care if they’re not extremely functional. Yes, I would love to have a PCB to solder everything to, but that’s an expense I’m not willing to shell out for because just soldering them all together in an exposed metal rat’s nest is way more free. I 3D printed the bezel thing and spray-painted it chrome, then added some clear-coat which pretty much just made them gray but I really don’t mind because they still look cool and being weather-proof is nice. They’re going to be connected to their own PIC and put on a CAN bus with the rest of the car’s system components which I will get to after the car has its bare functionality (self-propulsion and steering).