Finished Drive (for real this time) and a Lot of Other Stuff

So this is what the small car is right now. A steel frame, set of wheels, and a steering column. Pretty good progress if I do say so myself.

So I got a nice guy at a makerspace to do the welding for me because it’s impossible to get access to MIG welders where I’m living right now. He did a great job so I’m probably going back to him to see if he can finish it when I have the rest of the metal ready. The drive sprocket is now welded to the shaft and everything spins pretty smoothly. When I plugged the motor into my 36V bench power supply, everything spun up nicely.

I got the stuff that makes up the steering column nice and put together with a great 3D printed bracket that doesn’t shatter when I bump the column which is always a plus. The tie rods I originally got in the steering kit were too long by like six inches so I replaced them with some regular threaded rods cut to size.

There’s no electrical progress to speak of for this update. I’m focusing on getting everything mechanical together so the electrical and software part will be easy to develop and test. I’m in the process of getting a deal together on some batteries so hopefully by the time that’s settled I’ll have a good platform to test everything on.